VIA OBSCURA, Call for Content

VIA OBSCURA, Call for Content

Hello Friends,

If you have found this page, then you have found what we hope will be the seed for a new traditionalist creative community online. We believe that there is a renaissance brewing in right-wing thought. From our vantage point, liberal modernity is on the cusp of shedding a great number of its supporters and we believe that respectable right-wing media can slowly draw this audience back to the timeless ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty.

In light of this, I am looking to fill a gap that currently exists when it comes to publishing new and interesting ideas from a reactionary perspective. The target audience for this publication is broadly well-educated and professional readers interested in critical and creative writing in the area of philosophy, culture, religion, and literature. In short, we have a mission to reach a new audience. 

The mission of “Via Obscura” :

  1. To reach an interested and engaged readership who is looking to interact with ideas that address the problems of modernity and facilitate a revitalized west
  2. To provide a front page for online traditionalists that will highlight the best written, visual, and audio material and encourage interest in traditionalist projects generally
  3. To organize learning in, and expand the appeal of, traditionalist and reactionary ideas

Currently, we are looking for initial seed articles for this blog . However, we intend to be selective. To help those interested in submitting, we have outlined some points both for the kind of material we are looking for, and the specific types of content we are trying to avoid. Remember, editorial discretion is the final word, and these are just the basic standards.

  1. Quality – We are trying to communicate a level of professionalism with Via Obscura. This means that submitted articles should be well written, well-structured, and free from all spelling and punctuation mistakes. Editors are not supposed to be grammar checkers, so, if there are too many mistakes, the article might be turned back for correction. Plus, understand the general “dos and don’ts” of either expository or creative writing. We are expecting college-level content -minimum- and we will not publish anything that couldn’t pass muster at a college newspaper.
  2. Type of Content – We are looking for short articles (between 600 – 6000 words). Fiction may be a bit longer, but we are not trying to publish novels here.  Satire is not appropriate for this particular publication.  We are looking for serious articles that look like they might be published by “The Federalist” or “Medium”
  3. Originality – This is a publication. Don’t push plagiarism. But in addition to blatant plagiarism, the ideas in articles should be totally original. Don’t read something online, reformulate it, and submit it. This is still considered second-order plagiarism in the journalism community.
  4. Topicality – We are speaking to cultural issues and ideas pertaining to philosophy, art, and religion. This is a broad category and we want to stay focused. 

The following things should be avoided in submitted articles:

  1. Avoid inter-denominational Christian knife-fights – Although this publication will have a marked Apostolic Christian culture, we are not interested in broadsides against other Christian denominations. Theology is interesting, but keep it civil.
  2. Avoid any personal attacks on individuals – This should go without saying.
  3. Avoid any attacks on ethnic or racial groups – This publication is about ideas, not libel against other groups.
  4. Avoid reporting breaking political controversies – this is a slower publication by necessity. There is nothing wrong with incorporating current events into the articles about ideas, but try to keep it general and somewhat timeless. No one is going to care about 90% of the political issues that we are talking about right now (e.g. the presidential scandal/non-scandal of the week). If the subject is general enough, it should be good, but try to avoid writing articles that will be obsolete in a month. This blog will not be fast enough for that kind of content to reach an appropriate audience.
  5. Avoid LARPING – Presenting ridiculous and unimplementable ideas that you have no experience with is silly and does not sound professional. Radicalism is good, but recognize the radicalism of your own ideas and put it in a realistic context.  Presenting yourself as someone enthralled by imaginary castles in the sky is not the mark of a trustworthy journalism. 

Final notes. We are working currently on building Via Obscura as a blogging platform. If this format works, we may extend the standards to match those of an actual publication. However, until that time the above rules will work as minimum standards. If there are problems with articles that we see potential in, we might work with the person to fix the piece before submission. Again, these standards are in place to keep up professionalism for what we hope could be an active area for the production of right-wing thought and ideas.

We look forward to your submissions.

Good luck and God Bless!

        -Dave “The Distributist”

3 Replies to “VIA OBSCURA, Call for Content”

  1. What about those of us who are not so original in their thinking, but might be good at providing summaries or guides to the original thinkers, especially of the classical tradition? I am thinking of, for instance, introductions to Plato or Aristotle or Aquinas. Is this a suitable platform for that type of content? Thanks.

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