Site Update, March 2019

Site Update, March 2019

Hello readers,

Some people have noticed the lack of posts from this site, and we are giving a brief update on the status of “Via Obscura” and things set to come down the line. In short, this blog is undergoing some large changes starting with a name change and a future site relocation.

The name “Via Obscura”, a reference to Saint Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, was initially selected as an analogy to confronting the problems of modernity. Although the name was already owned by several other parties, including a band, we assumed that our publication mission was far enough away from the other contenders for its use not to be an issue. However, recently, one of these parties have made it clear that they were taking issue with this name and were willing to pursue legal avenues for redress. Subsequently, we are forced to abandon the name “Via Obscura and select a different title for this publication. This name issue, combined with our larger than expected editing needs of papers has forced us to reconsider our organization and deliverables going forward.

However, In light of the recent kick-off of a new educational and community-building project called “The Canis Society”, we have made the the decision to move the “Via Obscura” project under the banner of “The Canis Society” once we have selected a new title that is free from branding and copyright issues.

While our new title is still under discussion, we are using the working title of “The Riposte”. This new publication will include all content currently hosted on “Via Obscura” with the old URL linking to the new project once it has gone live. We are also changing the name of our PayPal and other donation sites to reference the new affiliation with the Canis Society. Donations will be used through that organization to indirectly support this project.

We hope that these new changes do not cause inconvenience to our readers and we look forward to seeing you at our new project site.

Cheers and Blessings – DD

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