If you have found this page, then you have found what we hope to be a new creative community online. There is a renaissance brewing in right-leaning and reactionary thought in the early 21st century. From our vantage, modernity is at a turning point and there is an opportunity for new right-wing media to draw an audience back to the timeless ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty.

VIA OBSCURA is looking to fill a gap that currently exists in the world of conservative and reactionary ideas. Our podcast (and forthcoming blog) explores the perspectives of thinkers de-platformed at modern universities and discusses issues uncovered by the mainstream media.

The mission of VIA OBSCURA:

  1. To reach an interested audience looking for ideas that address the problems of modernity
  2. To provide a forum for traditionalists that will highlight quality written, visual, and audio material
  3. To organize and expand the appeal of traditionalist and reactionary perspectives and culture

We hope to see you in the comments.





Dave Davison is the founder of VIA OBSCURA and comments on culture and the modern world at his YouTube channel “The Distributist”. His interests include Catholic Spirituality, reactionary ideas, and modern intentional communities. He can be contacted by e-mail at datadistributist@gmail.com and tweets 



James Scott runs the YouTube channel “Endeavour” which focuses on issues related to the culture war and the state of Western Civilization. His interests include religion, history, politics, and culture.  He can be contacted at RoyalEndeavour1768@gmail.com and tweets @RoyalEndeavour.


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